What are rox?

Rox is a generative, data-driven art project minted as NFT tokens on the Solana blockchain. The rox formation machine takes in the 2021 statistics of 300 of the world’s best basketball players. For each player, it outputs a unique looping abstract painting of a basketball. Those painting are rox.

How many rox will there be?

The "hoops" edition will have 6030 mints. There will never be any more.

Future seasons will have similar supplies, with the number of muses informing the final supply. The goal will always be to provide enough supply for each muse to make it feasible for anyone to acquire their favorites.

What the heck are muses?

Just as the nine Greek muses inspired humans to create for centuries, the players of the game (basketball) inspire the rox machine to generate unique formations. The players are the muses.

How many editions are there?

Each muse has 20 rox spread over three editions. There are three main variations of rox:

Classic - 15 each per muse

Golden - 4 each per muse

Naked - 1 each per muse

I just did the math. That's only equals 6000 total supply but you said 6030. Where are the extra 30?

Okay, you busted us. Thirty of the muses, probably the ones you are thinking of, have a 1 of 1 Secret Special Edition. (Mint to find 'em.)

How are rox made?

Rox are generatively built from basketball statistics from the 2021 season: 10 muses from the 30 teams, picked based on who played the most minutes during the season. Each muse's stats and achievements are compiled through multiple formulas to build a 3D form unique to them.

Technically, here is what's happening:

A compiled CSV is fed into a Cinema 4D file that uses a combination of XPresso and Python to generate the editions for each player. The rox are then rendered out with Redshift GPU renderer. They are encoded down to the final rox with good old Adobe Photoshop. They are then revealed when the first mint of any edition is minted on the site.

Which rox are most rare? Which rox are the best?

There are no best rox and there is no traditional NFT rarity structure. The goal of rox is to celebrate each muse by building in their honor. There are only about 20 mints for each muse, so in a lot of ways they are all equally rare. We encourage you to find rox that speak to you.

For people who want to math it out, we still respect those ideas of scarcity and rarity so ...

The editions provide basic rarity, so there are fewer Naked editions than Classic. There are also features of each rock that serve to make them unique. We encourage you to use your eyes and see the unique traits for yourself. The "Wtf r rox?" article also goes into detail on more of the specifics

Why are these so cheap? What's the catch?

No catch, just conviction. We believe that art is for everyone. We believe NFTs can be the way toward that, so we price based on that. Just 1 SOL per mint is plenty of money to cover the costs and reward the artist and team members with something for their efforts. If rox end up being worth more than 1 SOL, we will let the market decide that. For now, though, we want everyone to be able to have some rox.

What is "generative dArt?" That sounds made up.

It's a term we made up to describe what rox are: Generative data art. They are generative, but the seeds for the art are not strictly random. They are based in data and statistics. They are not data visualisation because the goal is not to objectively quantify anything. Rox seek to produce an artifact in celebration of the soul inside the numbers.

That being said, we are open to a rename. Jump in our Discord and let us know if you have a better name. We will gladly change it.

What wallet should I use?

Phantom or Sollet. Just connect your wallet at the mint page and click the Buy button to mint your rox

What are the unique features of the rox?

There are many. Some archictected, some emergent and not even planed for. We purposfully are not doing a huge trait table becuase we want the collectors to use their eyes to decided what's desireable to them.

For the particularly studious, we will say the strokes, cores and laces carry unique variations based on statistics that should be easy to figure out.

You didn't answer my question here.

If this FAQ didn't have what you're looking for, please tweet @sol__rox on Twitter or pop in our Discord and post in the :question:-ask-rox channel.